Windows IPC

Mr Griffon
Wed, 06 Sep 2000 08:47:01 GMT

Well I send a pure \n at the end, that still doesn't do anything. It seems 
that gnupg doesn't even reads the pipe content since after calling it I can 
still read back the password in the pipe in my program...

> > I'm sure my passphrase is right of course :) . So either I forgot some
> > "magic something" somewhere, or there's something broken in gnupg-1.0.2
> > win32. I looked at the GPA code and doesn't seem to do anything more
>than I
>Do you send a CR,LF or a ^Z instead of just a LF? GnuPG reads
>everything up to the eof or the first LF ('\n').
> Werner
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