tcsh command line completion for gpg

Dan Nicolaescu
Wed, 06 Sep 2000 17:39:43 -0700


Here is some code to do command line completion for gpg when using

The goal is to save you some typing when using gpg.

gpg -[TAB] 
will complete with all the the option names that start with a -

gpg --[TAB]
will complete with all the options that start with --

gpg --digest-algo[TAB] 
will complete with all the digest algorithms names. 

You should change the gpg_keyservers variable to contain the
keyservers that you use...

I could add completion for the --recipient option, but I don't know
how to get that information (it can be done with a shell command)...

If people find this usefull, it could be added to the gpg

Add the following to your .cshrc  and try it.

if ($?tcsh) then

set noglob

set gpg_keyservers = ( ANOTHER_KEYSERVER)

complete gpg c/--/"(sign clearsign detach-sign encrypt symmetric        \
		store decrypt verify list-keys list-sigs check-sigs 	\
		fingerprint list-secret-keys gen-key delete-key 	\
		delete-secret-key sign-key lsign-key edit-key gen-revoke\
		export send-keys recv-keys import list-packets 		\
		export-ownertrust import-ownertrust update-trustdb 	\
		check-trustdb fix-trustdb dearmor enarmor print-md armor\
		recipient default-recipient default-recipient-self 	\
		local-user textmode output verbose quiet no-tty 	\
		force-v3-sigs force-mdc dry-run batch yes no keyring 	\
		secret-keyring default-key keyserver charset options 	\
		status-fd load-extension rfc1991 openpgp s2k-mode 	\
		s2k-digest-algo s2k-cipher-algo cipher-algo digest-algo \
		compress-algo throw-keyid notation-data help)"/\
	    c/-/"(s b e c d a r u z o v q n N -)"/\
	    n/{-z,--s2k-mode,--compress-algo}/"(0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9)"/\
						/"(md5 sha1 ripemd160)"/\
	    n/{--cipher-algo,--s2k-cipher-algo}/"(3des cast5 blowfish  \
					       rsa twofish elg-e dsa elg)"/\

unset noglob


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