using GnuPG on a dec alpha/digital unix server and sending to MS Outlook

Emile Carter
Mon, 11 Sep 2000 23:25:40 -0700


Please CC me ( with any info you may have.

I have secured order forms on my hosted web site.  I wanted to securely send
the results of the form to a couple of order processing centers.  I am using
SouperMail which knows about PGP & GPG.  The problem is, my host does not
have either installed.

Due to the licensing issues, etc., I thought the GnuPG might be a better way
to go.

Do I just download the source files and have the web host techs compile it?

Is GnuPG Compatible with the PGP v6 plug in for MS Outlook?  If not, are
there any GnuPG plugins for Outlook?

Is there a good source of information covering this (unix to email client)?


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