Creating a private/public key...

Tue, 12 Sep 2000 18:45:46 -0400 (EDT)

*Note* First of all, I'm not subscribed to this list serv, so can 
you guys CC me onto responses? Thanks.

Secondly: I do email through a remote system. I prefer this because
I am never in the same spot, so I cannot POP my email to any great
amount of efficiency. I understand that perhaps using a remote system
defeats the purpose of using GnuPG, however I still wish too.

My question is this: I've gotten GnuPG installed on my server, and
am ready to start up. I've configured PINE to work with it and everything.
However, I cannot create my keys (etc]$ gpg --gen-k) from remote.

However, I have also downloaded GnuPG for Windows and have created a
key for myself there. Can I use this key on my remote system? In
the miniHOWTO page it tells me I can, however, I cannot figure out how.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated ;)

Thank you.


ps: How does one find out what their own public key is? I think that
I am mussing a few of the basic idea's behind the system.

Thanks again.

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