gpg 1.0.3 won't compile on HPUX 10.20
Mon, 25 Sep 2000 11:31:13 -0400

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In message <>, Lars Hecking writes:

> It is not equivalent, because config.status doesn't run configure. It
> only recreates the files in AC_OUTPUT, using cached values from a previous
> configure run.
> The results of some configure tests may differ for different compiler
> options, and this may lead to subtle and hard to detect errors.
Fine. Since I know what each option to the compiler does, I know what can affect configure tests. And if I screw up, I can back out again. Besides, I've done this a lot, so I know what exactly I manage to mangle. My experience has been that none of what I did to config.status resulted in "subtle and hard to detect errors". I don't assert that this is the way everyone running HPUX should do it. I only asserted that doing it the way I did results in a good compile, and a binary that passes all the checks. Modifying the DYNAMIC_CIPHER_MODS in config.status ensures that this variable propagates to the cipher subdirectory. Running configure, even with --disable-dev-random and without --with-capabilities (which is supposed to be the default, to exclude Linux capabilities) does not get rid of rndlinux as one of the DYNAMIC_CIPHER_MODS. So, this was the only way I could remove rndlinux without munging up cipher/ (which I ended up having to do, anyway). As for CC, the -Ae is a superset to the default -Aa flag which configure will set. +DA1.1 and +DS2.0 do nothing to whether the compiler accepts a piece of code or not: it just modifies output to be able to run on two families of the PA-RISC processor. With CFLAGS, I agree that I might have trouble with defining - -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE without having configure run through its checks. But, I was lazy and didn't want to wait around for the time it would take for configure to re-run from scratch. I'm impatient, and cavalier with configure. Sosumi. Signing off with my not-broken (subtly or otherwise) gpg 1.0.3, - --David Chin -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.3 (HP-UX) Comment: Exmh version 2.2 06/23/2000 iD8DBQE5z2/BeMehOsd6Gs0RAt24AJkBSEMyM6Qjhb6YZh0myMplLhTQlQCghV4M QZjd/EDhIf7XRgNE6ukUTYc= =VU1R -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- -- Archive is at - Unsubscribe by sending mail with a subject of "unsubscribe" to