[Announce] new gnupg snapshot

Stefan Bellon sbellon@sbellon.de
Sat Apr 7 09:26:01 2001

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   RJ Marquette <rj@rmarq.pair.com> wrote:


> When I see this change to the program, I wonder how a new user will
> react: "How do I, Joe Newbie, switching from pgp to gpg use my
> current keypair? Does this mean I have to generate a new keypair?
> But I thought the two were compatible!"
You can just import the keypair as you thought it might work. Then GnuPG tells you that the secret key wasn't imported and that you should use --allow-secret-key-import on the command line for that operation (it's in g10/import.c line 610 if you want to have a look). So, I don't see any problem here. New users just _try_ things. So they'll try to import as usual and then come across this message. Not even a need to consult a man page, methinks. Greetings, Stefan. -- Stefan Bellon * <mailto:sbellon@sbellon.de> * <http://www.sbellon.de/> PGP 2.6 and GnuPG (OpenPGP) keys available from my home page VirusScan Message: Windows 3.1 found: Remove it? (Y/n)