encrypted partitions/filesystems

Christoph Hertel c.hertel@usa.net
Wed Apr 11 19:57:01 2001

* Thus spake Filip Stokkeland [2001-04-11]:

> Hi!
> I'm wondering about encrypting my home-partition.
> Is there any nice howto or something like that I should read?
> I suppose the way to do it is to mount an encrypted file via
> the loopback interface or something like that?
http://encryptionhowto.sourceforge.net/ describes how to patch te kernel and use an encrypted filesystem I have Linux kernel 2.2.18 and everything works well for me (there ARE problems, but I don't use the stuff that's not working... :-)
> Keeping my keyring on an encrypted disk should be pretty safe?
if it is mounted all the time, there will be no difference...