Can't send complete key to servers
Fri Apr 13 20:14:01 2001

        Friday 13 April 2001 at 1943h
        Hello Ben Wise,
        How did you do that?  I mean, include an image in GnuPG?
        I found this a useful feature in PGP 6+, but never found the
        command to make this happen in GnuPG.
        k l a u s  e.  w e r n e r
        On Friday 13 April 2001 at 1810h
        Ben Paul Wise wrote:

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| Folks,
| I have a public key which includes an image (like the copy of
| Phil Zimmerman's key which is distributed with PGP). The key
| was made with GnuPG 1.0.4. I have no trouble using it under
| PGP 7.0.3 or GnuPG 1.0.4, and if I hand or email the *.asc
| file to someone, they get the picture as well.
| The problem is that when I 'send' to a server, or cut and
| paste, the server takes the key without complaint, but then
| when I download the key later, it appears without the image.
| I've tried this from PGP's GUI, GPG's command line, Geheimnis's
| GUI, cut and paste, and to four or five servers.
| If you download Zimmerman's key, you get one WITHOUT an image.
| So it is not clear if the OpenPGP protocol supports it.
| Is there a way to put keys on a server so that people get them with the
| picture? If the protocol allows it, then what am I doing wrong?
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