Can't send complete key to servers

Noah Salzman
Fri Apr 13 20:48:02 2001

I believe most PGP Keyservers are set to strip photos off when the receive
the key.


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I have a public key which includes an image (like the copy of Phil
Zimmerman's key which is distributed with PGP).  The key was made with GnuPG
1.0.4.  I have no trouble using it under PGP 7.0.3 or GnuPG 1.0.4, and if I
hand or email the *.asc file to someone, they get the picture as well.

The problem is that when I 'send' to a server, or cut and paste, the server
takes the key without complaint,  but then when I download the key later, it
appears without the image. I've tried this from PGP's GUI, GPG's command
line, Geheimnis's GUI, cut and paste, and to four or five servers.

If you download Zimmerman's key, you get one WITHOUT an image. So it is not
clear if the OpenPGP protocol supports it.

Is there a way to put keys on a server so that people get them with the
picture?  If the protocol allows it, then what am I doing wrong?

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