Can't send complete key to servers

Noah Salzman
Fri Apr 13 23:57:01 2001

If there was discussion of Packet 17 (the one NAI uses for Photo IDs) you
would want to look for it in the OpenPGP mail archives.  I looked for a
short bit and didn't see anything obvious.

The OpenPGP group at the IETF can be found here:

Because the name of the mailing list changed due to spam, you should use
this link to get to the archive.  The link listed at the OpenPGP (IETF) home
page has an extra hyphen in it and shouldn't be used.


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Thanks for the clarification. The public keys returned by the server do not
have any invalid signatures in them, so far as I can tell.

Is there any discussion of Photo ID or Biometric ID becoming part of a