New GnuPG command line option.

Wed Apr 18 22:39:01 2001

   Timo compiled a Win32 version of GnuPG with his dyn-load code
in it for me and I was fooling around with the IDEA module and was
testing compatibility between GnuPG and PGP 2.63i and a few of the
times I encrypted (conventionally) things to decrypt with PGP
2.63i I forgot to change the compression algo that GPG used, and
2.63i wasn't able to decrypt the file. 
 So I had the idea that perhaps you could add the command line


  And it will be like adding all of the command line options
necessary for complete backwards encryption compatibility with PGP
2.6x.  So if you type "--pgp26-compat" it would be like typing:

gpg --cipher-algo IDEA --digest-algo MD5 --compress-algo 1
--rfc1991 --s2k-algo MD5  --s2k-mode 0

  Etc... you get the idea.
 Am I crazy, or just nuts?  I mentioned this option to Timo and he
said to me, "Du bist verruckt" and I didn't know what it meant.  I
assume it was a compliment in German.   ;-)