Can't import keys -- link() failed

Sam Sanjabi
Wed Apr 25 23:31:02 2001

Hi folks,

I just started using gnupg a couple of weeks ago.  The other day, I tried
to import a key that I got off of using

	gnupg --import

but I get the following error message:

[sam@sam linux-2.4.3]$ gpg --import 
gpg: lock not made: link() failed: Operation not permitted
gpg: fatal: can't lock `/mnt/floppy/.gnupg/pubring.gpg'
secmem usage: 1408/1408 bytes in 2/2 blocks of pool 1408/16384

As you can see, I have stored my key rings on floppy disk.  It is not
write protected, and I have the correct permissions.  In fact, I
successfully imported and signed another key a week ago.

My GNUPGHOME environment variable is set to /mnt/floppy/.gnupg/

There are no lock files in that directory.

I can't even successfully export and re-import my own key without getting
this message anymore.

I've scoured the FAQ and this mailing list's archive to no avail, can
anyone help me?

Sam Sanjabi.

P.S.  Please CC me as I am not a subscriber to this list.