GNUPGHOME on Win2000

Nick Andriash Nick Andriash <>
Fri Apr 27 17:32:01 2001

On April 27, 2001, at 5:51:56 AM, Timo Schulz wrote:

TS> Please use forward slashes and not the backslashes when setting
TS> filenames for GnuPG into the Registry.

The above instructions are a little confusing for me. Firstly, I presume a
backslash is "\" which is normally used to denote directory structure, and
is found throughout the Registry and Windows Explorer. The forward slash
"/" I can find nowhere in the Registry or Windows Explorer, so do I have
those slashes mixed up? Here is an example of where I have my GPG Folder:


Now how would if I enter a change like that in the Registry? Create a new
Key and then in the data area, record the new location like this:

C:/Program Files/Gnupg instead of C:\Program Files\Gnupg

Thanks for your help...


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