thoughts on options and commands

Frank Tobin
Sat Apr 28 19:55:01 2001

Werner Koch, at 12:38 +0200 on Mon, 23 Apr 2001, wrote:

    On Sun, 22 Apr 2001, Frank Tobin wrote:

    > things :).  It would be dreadfully sad if GnuPG's ease of use is held back
    > forever just because of a command-line syntax that was thought up back in
    > the early alphas, and is clearly (IMO) surpassed by a cvs-style syntax.

    We have first to check what the GNU coding standards say to this.

Reading the GNU coding standards for "Standards for Command Line
Interfaces", it recommends using POSIX guidelines for CLI options.  Using
a cvs-style syntax would break this a bit, but cvs-style syntax can be
thought more of a "two-stage" argument processing (e.g., processing argv
up to the command "encrypt", then processing the argv after "encrypt").

Frank Tobin