PGP: Invalid key ?

Alexander Skwar
Sat Aug 18 19:37:02 2001

So sprach =BBLars Geiger=AB am 2001-08-18 um 18:33:13 +0200 :

> I thought you also had exported your private key (and imported it into
> PGP) because you spoke of:
> >>> Encrypting/decrypting messages works both ways
> But you can only encrypt *and* decrypt both ways, if both GnuPG and PGP
> contain your key *pair*.
Uhm, I suppose I wasn't clear. I meant that I'm able to decrypt messages in GPG which I encrypted in PGP and that I'm also able to decrypt messages in PGP that I encrypted in GPG. For this, I need the GPG public key in PGP and the PGP public key in GPG.
> However, if you have only your public key imported into PGP, my second
> statement still remains true. In this case, you will need to sign it
Never doubted that. It's just, that I cannot check it right now. I send the message from work, and now I don't work :)
> and allows modifications to the "Trust" settings. You should perhaps
> read the PGP help on the subject "Web of trust" to get a better
> understanding of how that whole mechanism of key validation works.
What does make you think that I lack understanding? Just because I did not understand a confusingly unclear error message of PGP? Alexander Skwar --=20 How to quote: (german) (english) Homepage: | - Die g=FCnstige Art an Linux Distributionen zu kommen Uptime: 18 hours 26 minutes