PGP: Invalid key ?

Lars Geiger
Sat Aug 18 20:22:01 2001

Hi Alexander,
On Sat, 18 Aug 2001, at 19:33:19 +0200, you wrote:

>> and allows modifications to the "Trust" settings. You should perhaps
>> read the PGP help on the subject "Web of trust" to get a better
>> understanding of how that whole mechanism of key validation works.

> What does make you think that I lack understanding? Just because I
> did not understand a confusingly unclear error message of PGP?
I just wanted to give a hint. BTW, I don't think that PGP's error message was so unclear. It told you that it couldn't change the trust settings of invalid keys. It's PGP's standard behaviour to expect a user to validate a key before it can be trusted. Maybe that's different from GnuPG but I like the way PGP handles it. -- Regards, Lars ____________________________________________________________
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