Password reset

Anthony E. Greene
Tue Aug 21 03:30:02 2001

On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, Subba Rao wrote:

>>> Is there any way to reset the password on this key? I would like to
>>> avoid creating a new key.
>>In short, no.
>>That is a feature. Remember: if you can reset your password and
>>regain access to a key, so could the Bad Guys.
>True and I did think about it. Again, countering good security, I wanted
>the flexability. Next time I will be more careful with my keys password.
The best thing to do is create the revoation cert when you create the key. Then store backup copies of the key and the revocation sert in a safe place. I have never created unencrypted versions of my keys or written down my passphrases anywhere. Tony -- Anthony E. Greene <> <> PGP Key: 0x6C94239D/7B3D BD7D 7D91 1B44 BA26 C484 A42A 60DD 6C94 239D Chat: AOL/Yahoo: TonyG05 Linux. The choice of a GNU Generation. <>