can't decrypt symmetrically encrypted files from PGP

Mark Koek
Thu Aug 23 13:10:01 2001

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I can't decrypt files encrypted with PGP using symmetric encryption. GPG says 
"bad passphrase" even though I'm sure the passphrase is correct.

Try the attached test file, for example. The key is "passphrase".

The problem persists when I use an ASCII armor or when I add a signature. 
Asymmetric encryption works fine, though (although on some files people send 
me I get 'cipher algorithm 1 is unknown or disabled' but I assume that'll be 

I have version 1.0.6, the problem exists on both my machines, one runs SuSE 
Linux 6.2 and the other Mandrake 8.1 beta 1, both x86.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Mark Koek

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