Piping stdout to more or less?

Robert A. Knop Jr. rknop@panisse.lbl.gov
Fri Aug 24 15:40:01 2001

> > things don't work as they ought to. I don't see the prompt for the
> > password; this is unsurprising, since it's probably lost somewhere in the
> > pipe. I type my passphrase, and then the cleartext is priunted to
> > the
> I never seen such problems and I am using it regulary.
> > I've also tried less, with the same problem. Instead, all of the keys I
> > press are echoed back to the screen after the More prompt at the bottom of
> What version of GnuPG are you using and what operating system?
anotonio% gpg --version gpg (GnuPG) 1.0.6 anotonio% uname -a Linux antonio.tmnwh.net 2.4.8-ac10 #1 Thu Aug 23 22:01:46 CDT 2001 i686 unknown I've tried gpg --output=- file.gpg | more under both tcsh and bash. Both have the same problem: the keys I hit aren't going to more as commands, but appear on the tty. -Rob