Piping stdout to more or less?

Robert A. Knop Jr. rknop@panisse.lbl.gov
Fri Aug 24 17:36:01 2001

> This is highly dependant on your shell. tcsh for example pipes both stderr
> and stdout together (always). I see you are running an -ac kernel. This
> probably means your Linux install is customized. What distro was it, and
> what are the versions of your shells?
I'm using RedHat 7.1. The shells are straight from what came with that: tcsh 6.10 and bash 2.04. I am running XFree86 4.1 (which is part of the reason for the -ac kernel; most of the rest of the reason is just that I'm a freak who likes to compile kernels). However, I expect that has no bearing whatsoever on the behavior of command-line gpg and pipes and so forth. tcsh doesn't always pipe stderr and stdout together; you have to use "|&" to get them to pipe together. I use that fairly frequently, to see the stdout of something but to send the stderr elsewhere (e.g. /dev/null, or just to the console to be wiped out the first time I use a less "redraw"). -Rob