Piping stdout to more or less?

Robert A. Knop Jr. rknop@panisse.lbl.gov
Mon Aug 27 15:49:01 2001

(Sorry about the date of the last message; I've fixed the time on that
machine, and warned the people who are now the real sysadmins that the
battery is dead and they have to think about it whenever it powers down.)

On Thu, 2 Jan 1997, Robert A. Knop Jr. wrote:

> > > things don't work as they ought to. I don't see the prompt for the
> > > password; this is unsurprising, since it's probably lost somewhere in the
> > > pipe. I type my passphrase, and then the cleartext is priunted to
> > > the
> >
> > I never seen such problems and I am using it regulary.
> I switched my shell to bash, and now piping the output of gpg to more or
> less seems to work.
I spoke too soon. It worked the first time. It hasn't worked since. Indeed, trying to do it seems to screw up my bash session worse than it ever screwed up tcsh. So my problem with piping the output of gpg to a pager still stands. -Rob