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Stefan Bellon
Wed Aug 29 18:45:02 2001

Werner Koch <> wrote:

> On Wed, 29 Aug 2001 02:02:18 +0200, Marc Mutz said:

> > Shouldn't gnupg be more generous in what it accepts here? Eg.
> > rfc2045 explicitly requires MUA's to simply ignore any non-base64
> > character in

> rfc2045 says in the section on ascii armor:

> starting five dashes, and following the ending five dashes. The
> header lines, therefore, MUST start at the beginning of a line, and
> MUST NOT have text following them on the same line. These line
[snip] Janusz A. Urbanowicz quoted (in a private email to me, which I have been given permission by him to mention here) the following section from RFC 2440, page 46, paragraph 6.4: Any characters outside of the base64 alphabet are ignored in Radix-64 data. Decoding software must ignore all line breaks or other characters not found in the table above. So, it indeed looks like GnuPG should cope with it and issue a warning as is suggested in the paragraph following the above one. Greetings, Stefan. -- Stefan Bellon * <> * <> PGP 2 and OpenPGP keys available from my home page Reality is for people who can't handle computers.