Using only one public key; no way to sign it

Frank Tobin
Wed Dec 5 21:16:01 2001

Clint (cpctc), at 14:36 -0500 on 2001-12-05, wrote:

> I want to use gpg with only a single public key.  I know the key is correct
> and trusted and not compromised, but I can't find a way to tell gpg to trust
> the key.

I also brought this up about a year ago maybe.  You might want to look
into "--always-trust" (not quite a nice option, since it applies to *all*
keys), or "--encrypt-to".  I don't see why we should have to use a
replacement for '--recipient' to get around-trust checking, though.

Personally, I would still vote for something like "--valid-key keyid".

Frank Tobin