Using only one public key; no way to sign it

Steve Butler
Wed Dec 5 22:19:01 2001

Two options:

       --trusted-key long key ID
                 Assume  that  the  specified  key (which must be
                 given as a  full 8 byte key ID) is as  trustworthy
                 as one of your own secret keys. This option
                 is useful if you don't want to keep your  secret
                 keys  (or  one of them) online but still want to
                 be able to check the validity of a given recipient's
                 or signator's key.

                 Skip  key  validation  and assume that used keys
                 are always fully trusted.  You  won't  use  this
                 unless  you have installed some external validation

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Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2001 11:37 AM
Subject: Using only one public key; no way to sign it

I want to use gpg with only a single public key.  I know the key is correct
and trusted and not compromised, but I can't find a way to tell gpg to trust
the key.

I don't have a private key to sign the public key with, and I don't think I
should need one.

I've found some relevent posts:

but nothing since then that's applicable.

Basically, I want to do the following, starting from a fresh installation of

gpg --import mypubkey.pgp
gpg --encrypt --recip "mypub" hello.txt

 without any user prompts.  The closest I've come is:
[c:\temp\gpg]gpg --encrypt --recip "mypub" --armor --quiet --batch --yes
gpg: abcd1234: no info to calculate a trust probability
gpg: no valid addressees
gpg: hello.txt: encryption failed: no such user id

If I take out the "--batch", I get a prompt:
Could not find a valid trust path to the key.  Let's see whether we
can assign some missing owner trust values.

No path leading to one of our keys found.

<key info>

It is NOT certain that the key belongs to its owner.
If you *really* know what you are doing, you may answer
the next question with yes

Use this key anyway?
I tried "--trusted-key", but it said:
gpg: key abcd1234: no public key for trusted key - skipped

so I don't understand what it's good for.

I'd like the "--strong-yes" or a "--force-trust-key", or a workaround that
does not require any console input... commands that can all be run
with --no-tty.


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