Using GnuPG and Network Associates PGP.

Ingi S. Skúlason Ingi S. Skúlason
Fri Dec 7 03:04:02 2001


I want to use gpg to encrypt messages from a web page that are sent
as e-mail to me. I have Outlook and Network Associates PGP installed.

I exported the public key from NA PGP and imported it into GnuPG.
When I try to encrypt I always get an application failure, memory access
I also tried to import the key ring from GnuPG to NA PGP, it works but I
use it because it's status is invalid!? Don't know why!
I was hoping to be able to decrypt my messages in Outlook rather then doing
it using command line. Is it possible to make this scenario work?

Thanks in advance, Ingi Skulason.