Using GnuPG and Network Associates PGP.

Peter Kuhm
Fri Dec 7 17:50:01 2001

At 02:05 07.12.01 -0000, Ingi S. Sk=FAlason wrote:

>I want to use gpg to encrypt messages from a web page that are sent
>as e-mail to me. I have Outlook and Network Associates PGP installed.
>I exported the public key from NA PGP and imported it into GnuPG.

of course you have to import the secret key as well.

Have a look at section "6. Importing keys from PGP" from


if you have an old PGP version I found this docs useful:
| Replacing PGP 2.x with GnuPG

>When I try to encrypt I always get an application failure, memory access
>I also tried to import the key ring from GnuPG to NA PGP, it works but I
>use it because it's status is invalid!? Don't know why!
>I was hoping to be able to decrypt my messages in Outlook rather then doing
>it using command line. Is it possible to make this scenario work?

Good luck,

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