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Fri Dec 7 14:44:01 2001

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On Fri, 2001-12-07 at 12:17, Paul Holman wrote:

> In some cases, you only have keys for some users and not for others.  If=20
> I'm sending a message to 6 people, and only have keys for 3, why should=20
> I be encouraged (or forced) to send it in the clear to all of them?

In my opinion you would refrain from sending the message at all, if you
did not have keys for all the recipients, until such a time where you
had collected the required keys. If sending a message to some of the
recepients in plaintext is safe, why encrypt it to begin with?

Even if sending a message in cleartext to some recepients does not pose
a personal risk to them, it might still pose a risk to those recipients
who's message is encryptet, since obtaining the plaintext version of the
message reveals all...

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