Re[2]: S/MIME or PGP/MIME?

DeBug debug <>
Fri Dec 7 15:06:01 2001

JC> If sending a message to some of the
JC> recepients in plaintext is safe, why encrypt it to begin with?
I have keys for 3 recipients and their communication lines
are not safe
and also
i have 1 recipient with a safe line (i can do hand over) but i have no
key for him

JC> Even if sending a message in cleartext to some recepients does not pose
JC> a personal risk to them, it might still pose a risk to those recipients
JC> who's message is encryptet, since obtaining the plaintext version of the
JC> message reveals all...
that's the point even without cleartext: if one of 3 recipients decides to
disclose the message he naturally poses a risk for other 2.
When you send the SAME message for more than one person (be it encrypted or not)
you should consider how ALL recipients are trusted by you and by each other.
Encryption does not like publicity so i do not see why to send the
same message to several persons. the solution is to create a special
key for the whole group and use it as the group's key.

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