Simon Josefsson jas@extundo.com
Fri Dec 7 16:05:01 2001

Len Sassaman <rabbi@quickie.net> writes:

> Another point to note, of course, is that there is no way to prevent
> people from using 40 bit encryption when sending S/MIME messages to you,
> due to a number of technical mistakes in the S/MIME standard.

There is no way to prevent people from using 0 bit encryption (that
is, when they forget to push the "encrypt" button) when sending
PGP/MIME messages to you either.  A good S/MIME enabled mailer would
never use weak crypto.

> If people are interested, I'll dig up my list of reasons why S/MIME is
> dumb.

I don't think S/MIME is dumb, so if you can prove me wrong I will
learn something, so please dig it up. :-)