Static idea

Ronald C.F. Antony
Sun Dec 9 00:11:02 2001


I'm running MacOS X and as of now dynamic loading of modules is not
supported in the current GnuPG release with the relevant patches.
Unfortunately, I have legacy files that are encrypted with PGP 2.*
and thus require IDEA to be read.

What changes would I need to make in the source/makefiles to get
the optional idea.c module to be permanently compiled into my
copy of gpg? The obvious (to me) guesses didn't quite work out.
Anyone did that before?



PS: if this message was posted (and replied to) here before, sorry, for
some reason the subscription confirmation to the list got lost, so I
never go any messages from the list, and also must assume that my post
didn't make it... So if it did originally make it, and someone replied,
please be so kind as to resend your answer...
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