Email Focus

Richard B. Tilley (Brad)
Mon Dec 10 16:41:01 2001

I have read the information at I found it very interesting,
but it left me wondering _why_ openpgp is used primarily for email when it
can be (and is) used for many other things. I like using GNUpg, but I
seldom ever use it for email. I use GNUpg to encrypt files (lots of
files), and the encryption works well, but it is not as user-friendly or
as easy for this purpose as it is for email. 

For instance, I posted the topic about recursive directory encryption a
few days ago. GNUpg doesn't have this ability. I would love to be able to
gpg -e -s -u Richard --Recursive Name_Of_Directory. Under Windows2000, I
use PGPFreeware and it performs recursive encryption. Why can't GNUpg do
the same?

Here are the facts: 
I've been on the list for several months now, and have
found it very helpful... although much of it is over my head (I do not
program, I administer Linux systems and occasionaly write shell scripts).
I run Linux servers and Windows desktops. GNUpg works great on Linux. PGP
works better on Windows. I would like to see GNUpg used more widely as I
strongly agree with open-source, but I have to admit that much of
open-source is _not_ designed for the average office worker who finds it
difficult to use MS Word.