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Mike Touloumtzis
Mon Dec 10 20:09:01 2001

On Mon, Dec 10, 2001 at 05:38:56AM -0500, Richard B. Tilley (Brad) wrote:
> For instance, I posted the topic about recursive directory encryption a
> few days ago. GNUpg doesn't have this ability. I would love to be able to
> gpg -e -s -u Richard --Recursive Name_Of_Directory. Under Windows2000, I
> use PGPFreeware and it performs recursive encryption. Why can't GNUpg do
> the same?

Which is better, to have every random tool implement recursive
functionality in mutually incompatible ways, or to have a few general
purpose tree walking tools like 'find', which you can use to make any
tool recursive?

Incorporating unrelated functionality like recursion is a symptom of
a weak command line environment.  The recursive 'find' command line I
posted here earlier isn't a hackish workaround, it's a best practice.