Security Implications

Werner Koch
Sat Dec 15 18:52:01 2001

On Sat, 15 Dec 2001 14:13:26 +0100, Ingo Klöcker said:

> BTW, distributed computing doesn't help much with the GNFS because the 
> large system of equations which is generated in the first step (which 
> _can_ be done via distributed computing) still has to be solved with 
> one (super-)computer. So only some very large corporations and secret 

However it is very unlikely that such a computer can be build with
technologies we will have in 20 years.  And if this really happens, we
will have for the same reasons cute new ways to do key distribution.
Rubber hose attacks will be much more attractive for a long long time.

The last attempt to build and run such a large system failed only 2
minutes before the equation would have been solved - simply due to
street works :-)