revoking user id

Peter Kuhm
Tue Dec 18 23:20:01 2001

At 13:07 18.12.01 -0800, David Ellement wrote:

>I recently attempted to revoke an invalid user ID from my public
>key, using "revsig" in the --edit-keys menu.  The revocation failed,
>with the following error message:
>gpg: fatal: idea encryption failed
>I had signed the user ID with my old RSA key.  I ended up using PGP5
>to revoke the invalid user ID, and re-importing the key into gpg.
>Should it have been possible to revoke the user ID in gpg?

IDEA is patented, needs a license and therefore not part of GnuPG. However
the non-commercial use of this algorithm is free. Windoze users can
use idea.dll. Below are some related links. The 3rd page links also to a 
| idea.tar.gz - IDEA unix source (6kb)