GnuPG on Windows 2000

Lars Geiger
Thu Dec 20 00:16:01 2001

Hi Nancy,
On 19 Dec 2001 at 17:33:08 [GMT -0500], you wrote:

> Thanks.  But on the page, the
> binary is only listed for Win 95, Win98 and NT, not Win 2000.

It's a Win32 command line executable, which works well in Windows 2000
(and also in Windows XP Pro, BTW).

> And in the archives of this group, I found some reference to many bugs
> found running the 1.0.6 version of GnuPG on windows 2000.

Not sure which ones you mean. There are some flaws in GnuPG 1.06, but
there are no serious bugs in it. If there were any, there would already
have been an update, believe me.

> Does anyone have any experience with this product on W2K?

Yes, using it here for about half a year now. And I can really recommend
it. I'd also recommend a frontend like WinPT, it makes life a little
easier if you are not accustomed to a command line (or a bit lazy
somtimes, like myself, without autocomplete in the shell :-( ).


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