GnuPG on Windows 2000

Booterbaugh, Nancy A.
Wed Dec 19 23:36:01 2001

Thanks.  But on the page, the binary is
only listed for Win 95, Win98 and NT, not Win 2000.  And in the archives of
this group, I found some reference to many bugs found running the 1.0.6
version of GnuPG on windows 2000.  Does anyone have any experience with this
product on W2K?

Thanks for your help.

Nancy A. Booterbaugh
(215) 986-7347

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At 15:17 19.12.01 -0500, Booterbaugh, Nancy A. wrote:

>I have just updated to a W2K system.  Is a working
>(bug-free) GnuPG available for W2K?  Is there a binary that I can download?
>From the threads, it appears that the software must be compiled before use.

the win32 binary should work well with W2K. You can get it here
-> or download it together with
a free graphical frontend at -> -- but in any case
visit for more documentation.

Good luck,

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