another edit key menu question

Werner Koch
Thu Dec 20 09:22:01 2001

On Wed, 19 Dec 2001 13:14:05 -0800, David Ellement said:

> I've notice that when editing my public key it lists four UIDs, but
> if I "toggle" to secret key, only two of the four UIDs are listed.
> Why the difference?

None, just a bug.

UIDS are only needed for the public keys.  The extra listing of the
UIDs with the secret keys is just for convenience; they are copies of
the UIDS from the public key store with the secret key.  As you can
image, it is not easy to keep both in sync, so eventually we will
remove the UIDs from the secret key entirely and list the ones from
the public key instead.  If you are going to do a --export-secret-key
the UIDs and will be taken from the public one to create the export
format.  Remember: The way an OpenPGP implementations stores it keys
for internal usage is not defined; OpenPGP just defines a trasnport


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