moving privete key from PGP 7 Freeware to GnuPG (with GPGShell)

Pavel Chovancik
Thu Dec 27 12:28:01 2001

Hi to all,

please, I have a "small" problem.

I have used PGP Freeeware 7 and I have my PRIVATE(SECRET) key and PUBLIC =
exported to .ASC file. I want to import them to GnuPG over GPGShell but
there is a problem. Public key was imported successfuly but PRIVATE(SECRE=
was NOT. So I cannot decrypt files over GnuPG.

Please, help me, what do I wrong ?!

Thx in advance.


Pavel Chovancik

Odchoz=ED zpr=E1va neobsahuje viry.
Zkontrolov=E1no antivirov=FDm syst=E9mem AVG (
Verze: 6.0.310 / Virov=E1 b=E1ze: 171 - datum vyd=E1n=ED: 19.12.2001