moving privete key from PGP 7 Freeware to GnuPG (with GPGShell)

Peter Kuhm
Thu Dec 27 14:04:01 2001

At 12:26 27.12.01 +0100, Pavel Chovancik wrote:

>I have used PGP Freeeware 7 and I have my PRIVATE(SECRET) key and PUBLIC key
>exported to .ASC file. I want to import them to GnuPG over GPGShell but
>there is a problem. Public key was imported successfuly but PRIVATE(SECRET)
>was NOT. So I cannot decrypt files over GnuPG.
>Please, help me, what do I wrong ?!

in GPGkeys there is a checkbox at the right bottom

[ ]  [allow-secret-key-import]

Did you used that?