Another 1.0.6 Problem (bug or user error?)

Ed Suominen
Thu Dec 27 22:48:01 2001

The "vapor key" in TKSEC is generated right before a user becomes visible 
to his peers on the FTP-based peer-to-peer network. This produces a "key 
created in future" error when communicating from a later timezone to an 
earlier one.

I tried disabling with the "--ignore-time-conflict" option (see script 
below), but it doesn't seem to be working:

"gpg: key C98B30EC.235: created in future (time warp or clock problem)"

The script:
### Encrypt and sign the file
set err [catch { exec $cryptoPath/gpg -se \
  --no-tty --yes \
  --armor --ignore-time-conflict \
  --recipient $KEYS($remoteUser) \
  --always-trust \
  --default-key $KEYS($localUser) \
  --passphrase-fd 0 \
  --output $tempSpec \
  $filePath/$fileName \
  << "$pass\n" } result]

If this is my fault, please point out what I'm doing wrong. If it's a bug, 
this seems like a good time to report it (before 1.0.7)!

Best regards,

Ed Suominen
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