mailing list memberships reminder

Frank Tobin
Thu Feb 1 17:46:05 2001

Dan Harkless, at 18:58 -0800 on Wed, 31 Jan 2001, wrote:

    Gotta love a mailing list devoted to email security that sends your password
    to you in cleartext once a month whether you like it or not.  I assume
    there's still no way to turn this off in mailman?  (I last asked a few years

First of all, the mailing list is not devoted to email security.  Anyone
who thinks OpenPGP is limited to email needs to re-think what it's good

When it comes to public mailing lists, the most important thing is to have
the least frustration for the end users and easiest management for the
administration.  While it does have the offset of lowering security, I
feel that in the end it provides for a much better experience of the
majority of end-users and administration to have monthly reminders.

There are multiple levels of security, and your email-subscriptions to
public mailing lists should really rank way down at the bottom of the

Frank Tobin