mailing list memberships reminder

Alexander Skwar
Thu Feb 1 19:31:03 2001

So sprach Frank Tobin am Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 10:44:28AM -0600:

> When it comes to public mailing lists, the most important thing is to have
> the least frustration for the end users and easiest management for the
Well, as an aside note: If this were true, then this list is a bad example. No subject prefix, and reply-to not set to the list.
> administration. While it does have the offset of lowering security, I
> feel that in the end it provides for a much better experience of the
> majority of end-users and administration to have monthly reminders.
Well, although these monthly reminders are nice, I don't keep them. I mean, how often do I have to change list settings? As this comes close to never, it's just a waste of space/bandwith/time, FOR ME. For me it is sufficient if it is easy to get the password mailed when I need it. What I want to say: I don't care about the reminders. As far as I'm concerned, they can be simply omitted. Alexander Skwar -- How to quote: (german) (english) Homepage: | - Die guenstige Art an Linux Distributionen zu kommen Uptime: 1 day 22 hours 14 minutes