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David Ellement
Sun Feb 4 03:31:06 2001

On 010204, at 02:48:59, Alexander Skwar wrote

> So sprach David Ellement am Sat, Feb 03, 2001 at 06:09:15AM -0800:
> > I suspect that a substantial portion of end users be frustrated by
> > the presence of a subject prefix, and a smaller number would be
> > down right hostile to the idea of a subject prefix.
> And I would suspect quite the opposite, as those users who are unfortunate
> enough to not be able to use good muas/mtas might have to rely on subject
> filtering. ...
> However, please don't be so selfish and assume that anyone can use good
> software. Sometimes it's simply not a matter of choice.
It seems I didn't quite make myself clear. Present or not, a subject prefix (or lack thereof) will frustrate a substantial portion of the end users. The subject comes up from time to time on various lists, and some set of end users is always unhappy. Those without means of filtering their mail before reading it may be frustrated by the lack of a prefix, making sorting by hand more difficult. Those filtering their mail before reading may by frustrated by all the message in the same mailbox having mostly identical subject lines. (Personally, I don't care. I filter my mail before reading, and strip subject prefixes in the process). -- David Ellement