Make groups of keys in GnuPG?

Frank Tobin
Tue Feb 6 18:42:01 2001

Filip Stokkeland, at 18:06 +0100 on 6 Feb 2001, wrote:

    > or using the included salias-wrapper program.

    I moved gpg and put this wrapper script in /usr/bin/gpg:
      base=`basename $0`
      salias --context $base /usr/bin/real/$base $@

This looks correct.  I think I just found the problem; if some of the
options/arguments to GnuPG have whitespace (e.g., like many
comments do), the shell script passes them on like:

   gpg --comment pgpenvelope 2.9.0 --encrypt

...which is obviously an illegal call; somehow I've just got to get the
wrapper-script to perform the proper quoting/argument passing.  I'll have
a new release as soon as I find a solution.

    I tried to remove the shell-script-wrapper and put the gpg back in its
    usual location (/usr/bin). An then I set the alias: alias gpg='salias gpg'

    But mailcrypt does not seem to recognize or use the alias at all:

Correct; this is actually primary reason for the making of salias;
programs calling GnuPG cannot handle the shell aliases/env vars.

Frank Tobin