exporting keys to email

chronos chronos@internetcds.com
Fri Feb 9 22:32:12 2001

Hi all,
Had a question about exporting my keys to my email. I found this on a redhat
site. gpg --armor --export <you@yourisp.com>>mykey.asc Now then I`m using Kmail
and running mandrake 7.1. Basic question first- under file settings pgp it asks
for your pgp user identity. What exactly am I supposed to put in there ? The
number or my you@yourisp.com or something else ? Then when exporting my key to
my email it says file not found for the <you@yourisp.com>> What am I supposed
to put there ? Or do I need to create a file to export the key into first under
the gpg directory ?
                         Thank you, Chronos

--  :g