Problems with Line breaks under Windows

Giorgos Pallas
Sat Feb 10 18:03:01 2001

Nor GnuPG, GnuPG Shell or Mutt.
But DOS. It has to do with Line Feed and Carriage Return that are both
needed on DOS based platforms. Try this : Write with notepad a text, press
some newlines (enter) and open the file from a unix editor (joe for
example). It will be full of these ^M.
There is a command on unix systems which removes those Ms but i cannot
recall now.


Subject: Problems with Line breaks under Windows

> Hi folks
> The subject is fairly self explainatory. I like to have PGP
> I would value feed back from anyone who has had the same problem.
> I have 3 variables:
> Is it GnuPG?
> Is it GnuPG Shell?
> Is it Mutt?
> Regards
> Brian
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