No certificates with undefined trust found.

Bud Rogers
Sun Feb 11 14:51:08 2001

On Sunday 11 February 2001 05:04, Florian Weimer wrote:

> kevin fleming <> writes:
> > I have a very interesting problem. I have received a public key
> > from my co-worker and have signed it as a trusted, but yet I still
> > get the following message:
> Have you really, really signed both user IDs?
> > However, when I run "gpg --edit-key elizabeth" it says that trust
> > level is "f/f".
> The trust level give there only applies to signatures made by
> Elizabeth, not to signatures on the user IDs of her key.
I'm not sure I understand the distinction. Could you elaborate on that a bit? -- Bud Rogers <> All things in moderation. And not too much moderation either.