Problems with Line breaks under Windows

Brian Galbraith
Sat Feb 10 15:22:01 2001

Hi folks
The subject is fairly self explainatory. I like to have PGP
capabilities on the windows system I *have* to use at work.
I recently installed the official windows version of GnuPG and
the latest version of GnuPG Shell. Test messages to myself were
displayed perfectly on both Pegasus and Eudora. However when I finally
downloaded them to my Linux box at home....all the line breaks were
shown by ^M. If I decided to reply to myself the Linux editor
automatically removed these. I have also noticed the same thing 
when receiving messages from other Windows GnuPG users, and it does
not seem to be specific to a particular mailer.
I would value feed back from anyone who has had the same problem.

I have 3 variables:
Is it GnuPG?
Is it GnuPG Shell?
Is it Mutt? 



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