Problems with Line breaks under Windows

Timo Schulz
Sat Feb 10 15:35:02 2001

On Sat Feb 02 2001, Brian Galbraith wrote:

Hi Brian,

> The subject is fairly self explainatory. I like to have PGP
> capabilities on the windows system I *have* to use at work.
> I recently installed the official windows version of GnuPG and
> the latest version of GnuPG Shell. Test messages to myself were
> displayed perfectly on both Pegasus and Eudora. However when I finally
> downloaded them to my Linux box at home....all the line breaks were
> shown by ^M. If I decided to reply to myself the Linux editor
That's not a GnuPG/Mailer related problem. Both OS's have different ways to mark their line endings. Linux uses a simple linefeed '\n' and W32 uses a carriage return '\r' and a linefeed'. When you open a W32 message with a Linux editor, the '\r\n' combination will be shown as ^M.
> automatically removed these. I have also noticed the same thing
> when receiving messages from other Windows GnuPG users, and it does
> not seem to be specific to a particular mailer.
> I would value feed back from anyone who has had the same problem.
The '\r\n' system is the standard network method to mark line endings. That's why Eudora and any other Mailer could handle it. Timo -- Two-a-Day at keyid BF3DF9B4