another win32 gui frontend for gnupg

Karol Pietrzak
Sun Feb 25 23:29:16 2001

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heh, no.  it isn't my program.  the author's name is roger sondermann
(  i can't program at all (just learning c++).

David R. Bergstein wrote:

> I like your program for its UI enhancements to GnuPG, but some
> features that are in the WinPT development version (0.1.2pre)
> appear to work a bit better, e.g., clipboard verify (GPG window
> disappears too quickly to read from gnupgshell). Right now I am
> running both frontends together to leverage the best parts of
> both programs, which does not seem to cause any conflicts.
the disappearance of the the gnupg console window is not a flaw in gnupgshell. my default, the console is set to "close on exit." to counteract that behavior, edit the properties of '' (usually in c:\ and c:\windows). in the 'program' tab is the option: uncheck 'close on exit.'
> Have you considered collaborating with WinPT's author on a
> unified Windows front end to GnuPG?
while winpt is under the gpl, gnupgshell is proprietary (the README in the gnupgshell zip file has a short explanation why). this difference in philosophy will prolly prohibit future collaboration. major difference between winpt / gnupgshell (for those curious souls): while winpt has its own interface (uses gpgme library functions, right?), gnupgshell is simply a /frontend/, in the strictest sense of the word. it appears it simply runs commands and sends text to the gpg binary. therefore, anything gpg can't do, gnupgshell can't (an example is keyserver access: it hasn't been implemented in the win32 version). -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.4-1 (MingW32) - GnuPGshell v1.30 Comment: iD8DBQE6mYizMcppVzoURqARAu8iAJ9NANxJNm+exj7ORT6+AnYdqwuU7gCfSSw1 FiEzIzYsl+3swsc1iKnwb0w= =Od7j -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- -- noodlez: Karol Pietrzak GPG/PGP-KeyID: 0x3A1446A0